Garage Conversions in Harrogate
Ways to Use Your Additional Space – Ideas From the Trusted House Extension Builders

Whether you’ve looked into extensions or think garage conversions may prove suitable, it can be hard to consider the best possible use of the extra space. This is where Garth Builders Ltd can assist. We apply in-depth knowledge as house extension builders to expand homes across Harrogate, also converting spaces through creative design, planning and installations. When you combine this with our ability to perform all domestic building services, plus brick repointing and groundwork services, it’s clear why property owners rely on us for their home improvements over the competition.

Read on for some of the popular uses of extensions and garage conversions. If you’d like a quote for any of the works listed below, simply reach out to Garth Builders Ltd.

A Child’s Play Space – Are you fed up with children always leaving their toys or games in the living room? Give them their own environment with vibrant colours and dedicated storage options. Our house extension builders perform the groundwork services needed to create an additional build to the rear or side of your Harrogate home, with sturdy foundations, high-quality materials and modern lighting.

A Garden-Like Seating Area – Rear-facing extensions can expand the lounge towards the garden. While you might expect this to take away from the landscape, it actually has the opposite effect. An expanded lounge or sunroom with bi-folding doors will enable you to admire your garden more often, bringing in the natural light of the outside world for reading, morning breakfasts and summertime gatherings. Our team undertakes the necessary domestic building services to make this space a genuine part of the home.

A Modernised Kitchen – Extending this space and remodelling with a fresh design can vastly improve mealtimes. You could add a lunch table and expand the worktops so you can cook safely with your partner, without knocking things over or getting in each other’s way. Our house extension builders can also perform brick repointing, garage conversions, install fencing, and offer a wide range of groundwork services.

An Office or Study – Working from home is a modern luxury that makes the day more enjoyable, but only when you have the ideal space where you can boost your productivity. The boss might expect you to be available for a virtual meeting at short notice, and they won’t be impressed if you’re working on the kitchen table of your Harrogate home.

Ask our house extension builders to add a private space away from the main lounge, or consider garage conversions with electrics, plumbing, heating, and all other domestic building services provided in house.

A Gym of Your Own – Getting fit can transform your lifestyle, boost your health and more you feel more alert throughout the day. Understandably, everyone in Harrogate or the nearby areas has the time to visit the gym, and you might also be self-conscious about exercising in front of people. Starting with planning and design, then moving on to groundwork services and the build itself, we can add a home gym with energy-efficient windows and laminate flooring.

At the same time, why not ask our team to perform brick repointing to keep the damp from penetrating your space at a later date? Remember that all workmanship comes fully guaranteed for ten years, so there’s no risk involved to you or your investment.

Please call 07985 379718 or 07966 405055 and speak with our house extension builders. We expand homes and perform garage conversions across the Harrogate area.


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