Brick Repointing in Harrogate,
Bradford and the Yorkshire Area

Known as the mortar found between brickwork, ‘pointing’ forms a weatherproof façade and is vital for the condition of the structure. When this material starts to break away, it can lead to various problems and the need for more expensive repairs if left to escalate. At Garth Builders Ltd, we pride ourselves on resolving these brickwork issues as quickly as possible for your convenience. Our team in Bradford carries out brick repointing for a range of clients around Harrogate and Yorkshire, tending to walls at a cost-effective rate.

In fact, our company specialises in stone and brick pointing. We consider this one of our core skills, delivering an unrivalled service you can trust.

Do you suspect a problem with your structure? Using the ideal mortar, we can repoint a specific section of the wall or perform full-scale repointing. Our experts can remove all signs of damage, restoring both the appearance and integrity of the building.

Garth Builders Ltd also performs general brickwork and groundwork services for domestic and commercial clients. Please contact us to arrange for an inspection and quotation.

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Brick Repointing | Ensuring Your Brick Walls Stand the Tests of Time

Founded in 1972, our company has a reputation for solving cosmetic and structural issues in the local region. We carry CSCS cards to signify our construction skills and are trusted members of the FMB for quality maintenance and repairs. As such, you can rely on us for a risk-free pointing service.

What Is Brick Repointing?

Most homes and businesses consist of bricks and mortar, but damage to these elements often goes ignored. Weather erosion and everyday wear can remove the mortar in small increments, compromising the bricks themselves. The repointing process replaces this lost material, keeping the bricks firmly in place for years to come. Our team will inspect the wall thoroughly before applying the replacement mortar, taking care with all mortar joints to provide a stunning finish.

Whether you own a classic or contemporary build, we approach your repointing project with enthusiasm and care. We as quickly as possible for clients in Bradford, Harrogate and the surrounding areas, keeping standards high to satisfy property owners and current building regulations.

The Signs You Need a Repointing Service

To minimise cost and eliminate the fuss of emergency repairs, it’s worth calling the experts for brick repointing at the first sign of a problem. Some tell-tale signs include visible cracks, obvious gaps between the masonry and the mortar, and loose materials littering the ground. You might also notice wetness that could lead to penetrating damp, or you may see pieces of brick falling from the wall. Naturally, these issues will cause your structure to lose its aesthetic appeal.

With our brick repointing service, your brickwork will stand firm for decades with little-to-no maintenance. Garth Builders Ltd supplies 10-year guarantees for all repointing, but we expect the results to last for many decades longer. With no money up front and a long-term assurance of quality, our repointing service delivers superb value for money and a hassle-free approach.

Please call 07985 379718 or 07966 405055 for brick repointing in Bradford, Harrogate or the neighbouring Yorkshire areas.


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