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in Bradford | Five Common Home Ownership Problems

Although many of us aspire towards homeownership, it does come with responsibilities. Damage may arise at any time, and you could notice problems too late – resulting in the need for a professional team. In addition, your home might lack the space you need to welcome new family members or work productively. Situated in Bradford, Garth Builders Ltd performs garage conversions, brick repointing, groundwork services and other domestic building services throughout the region. Our house extension builders can also expand your home to suit your chosen lifestyle.

Below, we look at some of the common issues homeowners run into, sometimes long after they move in. If they sound familiar, be sure to contact our team for a quotation.

An Outdated Appearance – Time can cause problems for your home, both inside and out. Those avocado walls may appear tired, as can your bathtub, shower tiles, kitchen surfaces and living room floors, to name but a few. Whether you want a single room refurbished or the entire house restyled, choose a team known for supplying every trade in-house.

Unlike most refurbishment teams or house extension builders around Bradford, we never rely on subcontractors. Instead, we manage garage conversions and more with all domestic building services under one roof.

Internal and External Damage – Roof leaks can cause damage to the inside, while a shabby driveway leaves the outside looking unkempt. Your brick walls may also lose their mortar due to poor conditions, resulting in a crumbling façade and structural concerns if the issue grows further. Brick repointing will replace this lost mortar, ensuring your wall continues to hold firm and protect against water entry.

Our team can tarmac your driveway and maintain every facet of your home in Bradford or the nearby areas. We could also render your house and plaster the inside for added protection.

Tight Living Quarters – If space has become a problem, it’s time to call in a house extension builder with experience in groundwork services, bricklaying and domestic building services. A cramped home will of course lead to frustration, potentially causing you to think about greener pastures. However, relocating can incur various costs, not to mention the upheaval of packing up and leaving the town you know.

Extending proves far more cost-effective and convenient. Alternatively, garage conversions transform an existing space so you can finally enjoy that private office, study or reading area you’ve always wanted.

Improper Groundworks and Drainage – Certain tasks like brick repointing and groundwork services take more attention to detail than some may realise. Without the proper care, your house or extension could suffer earth-related issues like subsidence, leading to cracks and the potential need for underpinning. Drainage problems may also occur, placing greater strain on the foundations.

Serving Bradford and the nearby areas, we apply our decades of experience to this crucial step for a durable build with reliable, load-bearing support.

Issues With Domestic Building Services – Recent surveys suggest that poor electrical wiring, malfunctioning heating systems and plumbing defects are among the most common household issues. Working as house extension builders and with a passion for everything from brick repointing to garage conversions, we ensure a superior quality to all installations. For additional peace of mind, you can expect a visit from NICEIC-approved electricians and heating engineers on the Gas Safe register.

For groundwork services, brick repointing and more in the Bradford area, please call 07985 379718 or 07966 405055.


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